Free Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Resources

If you purchased the book, you'll love these supplemental resources.

Bonus Worksheets
  • Email Marketing Workbook
  • Blog Post Checklist
  • Blog Post Update Checklist
  • Keyword Research Checklist
  • Website Checklist
  • Lead Magnet Worksheet
  • Title Workbook
  • Bullet Point Workbook

Email Marketing Evaluation Workbook

See how much an email is really worth to you. This workbook allows you to preview traffic estimates from sequences and broadcasts.

Blog Post Checklist

You'll never want to write a post without this checklist handy. Make sure you consistently publish the best content that readers AND search engines love.

Website Checklist

Creating a new website can me monotonous and difficult at first. This checklist will make the process much more linear and easier. 

Lead Magnet Checklist

"The money is in the list," and your lead magnet is the nucleus of your list. Use this checklist to ensure that your lead magnet is doing all the right things/

Keyword Research Checklist

Quality keyword research will dramatically decrease the amount of time between you and real organic traffic gains (and sales). This checklist makes the process easy. 

Blog Post Update Checklist

Regularly updating old content is often overlooked (tragically).  This checklist will help you or someone on your team ensure that your content is being properly updated regularly.

Title Workbook

Kill writer's block with this handy "plug and chug" resource of clever and catchy blog or video titles.

Bullet Point Workbook

Nothing sells quite as well as bullet points. This workbook will make you a bullet point master.