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Learn the Timeless Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tactics That Work - No Gimmicks, Sales Pitches or Outdated Hacks!

Finding good information about affiliate marketing is hard.

This is why I wrote Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. This book is different. You’re going to learn the things that last, regardless of the environment or state of the economy.

Everything in this book will be as relevant in 20 years as it is today.

If you want to truly find lasting success with affiliate marketing, you need to read Evergreen Affiliate Marketing.

The book is broken down into six sections.

Section #1 Affiliate Marketing 101

In this section, we go over the things that every new affiliate marketer needs to know. We will cover things such as how to find a great niche, how to choose which sort of traffic you will drive, and more.

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • The Four Affiliate Approaches
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Audio vs. Video vs. Writing
  • Four Traffic Types
  • The Expert’s Dilemma and the Dunning Kruger Effect
  • Grow Your Owned Traffic
  • Analyzing Affiliate Offers

Section #2 Core Concepts and Mindset

In this section, we go over the things that you absolutely need to know.

  • Give More than You Take
  • Large Audiences Hide Bad Marketing
  • Almost Nothing Works
  • Your Cornerstone Product
  • Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Section #3 Content Creation

All internet-based affiliate marketers create content. We cover content creation tactics and the general content creator mindsets that will make you a more confident creator.

  • The Six Content Purposes
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once
  • Skyscraper Approach: How to Stand on the (Content) Shoulders of Giants
  • Curation = Creation and the Paradox of Originality
  • Water the Old Content to Maximize Organic Traffic
  • Low-Hanging Fruit on Search Engines
  • Low-Hanging Fruit on Social Media
  • Going Beyond Review Posts
  • Go Really Deep

Section #4 Tactics and Strategy

This section covers practical tactics and strategies. This will probably be your favorite section since it showcases many things that you can implement immediately.

  • Have Your Own Product
  • Pixel Everything
  • Fight for a Coupon Code
  • Boost Conversions with Bonus Stacks
  • Free Courses That Support Buyers
  • Create Free Tools
  • Make a “Blue Ocean”
  • Be Affiliate #0
  • Show the Hard Way to Sell the Better Way
  • Do Giveaways
  • Leverage Seasonality
  • Low-Ticket Items to Low-Quality Traffic

Section #5 Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important skills an internet marketer can have. This isn’t a complete guide to copywriting, but it will give you the things I have seen to be most impactful.

  • Eight Desires and Nine Wants
  • Kill the $5 Words
  • The “I’s” Don’t Have It
  • Don’t Withhold Drawbacks
  • Create a “Swipe File”
  • Sell the Results Not the Features
  • Good Copy Isn’t about Talent
  • Riddle It with Bullets
  • Never Look Like an Ad
  • Know More, Sell More
  • Beat the Buzzer
  • The Rule of Seven
  • Testing the Right Way

Section #6 Miscellaneous Thoughts and Considerations

This section covers everything else that I wanted to share but didn’t have a clear home in any of the first five sections.

  • Retention Matters
  • The Truth about Running Paid Ads
  • Handling Negativity
  • Hire Help
  • Average Joe Commissions
  • Do It Once with Templates
  • One-Time vs. Recurring Payouts
  • High Ticket vs. Low Ticket
  • Passive Income Is a Lie
  • Data Lies

Evergreen Affiliate Marketing isn't a book that is exclusively for either new or experienced affiliate marketers, it is for everyone who intends to promote any 3rd party products OR wants to get others to promote their products as affiliates. 

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