Here are all of the tools that I actually use in my affiliate marketing businesses. Please note, you don't need all of them and there may be cheaper alternatives for some if you're on a tighter budget. As you scale, these tools are the ones I recommend most. 

Website (WordPress) Tools

  • Thrive Theme's Suite - What I Use for my WordPress theme, opt-ins, split testing and occasionally, free courses.
  • WPX Hosting - The fastest WordPress hosting on the market and it's far from the most expensive. 
  • WP Rocket - Cache plugin that helps keep my sites fast.
  • Link Whisperer - Powerful plugin that helps me with my internal SEO.
  • WP Sheet Editor - An absolute life saver when you have a lot of posts and pages to update. Once you understand how to use it, you'll regret waiting too long to start.

Video Marketing

  • Screenflow - The best video recording program for Mac users. 
  • TubeBuddy - Powerhouse suite of tools to make your YouTube channel better in every possible facet. 
  • Shure SM7B Microphone - Mid range priced mic that is lights out in terms of quality. Requires some other add-ons to truly work to its potential so speak to someone about it before you buy. 

Content Marketing Software

  • ConvertKit - The only email marketing software I trust for premium deliverability. They are also very reasonably priced.
  • AHREFs, KW Finder and SEMRush - The three tools I use for keyword research. 
  • Coschedule - Content planning software for teams or bloggers.
  • ClickMagick - Track clicks and conversions on affiliate products (even ones you thought were impossible).


  • VidChops - Monthly subscription based video editing service
  • Fiverr and Upwork - Where I hire contractors or specialists for small to medium sized projects or tasks.
  • Reedsy - A network of content editors, I use Reedsy for editing and formatting books and lead magnets. 
  • The Hoth - The only link building service I trust. 
  • Repurpose House - Monthly service that will take one piece of content and turn it into a ton of other pieces for various platforms. 
  • WP Tangerine - Subscription service for fast WordPress tech support. 


  • ProWriting Aid - Tool I use for reviewing my content for grammatical or styling issues. 
  • Scrivener - Powerful but complex software for writers or bloggers to manage their work.
  • Surfer SEO - A web based suite of tools for page optimization, keyword research and crafting new content that will rank quickly.
  • Jasper - AI writing assistant that helps kill writer's block.
  • Copy.AI - Another AI writing assistant that specializes on marketing and sales copy materials.


  • Canva - The gold standard for basic design work online. 
  • PlaceIt - Underrated tool I use for creating 3D mockups and other cool design work I can't do elsewhere (not even on Canva).
  • Snagit - Screenshot/screen recording software. A must have if you create content that involves showing your work online. 


  • Bench.Co - Accounting and bookkeeping service/platform. A must have if you have multiple streams of income. 
  • Notion.So - Evernote's more attractive older brother.