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ClickMagick is a web based software that provides a suite of link tracking features for digital marketers. Although it is so feature rich it can seem overwhelming, anyone who has any online business presence (especially affiliate marketers) should check out ClickMagick and learn how it can help them make more money online. If you pay for traffic, the "link down" feature makes Clickmagick easily worth the money even if your ads only go down a few times and you can redirect or pause them temporarily.  


  • Track previously untrackable conversions
  • Pixel and retarget clicks
  • Alternate links
  • Get alerted when links go down
  • Amazing customer support.


  • Relatively expensive program
  • Some features require some tech skills and/or patience




Learning Curve



I originally signed up for Clickmagick (often spelled incorrectly as Clickmagic) solely for the purpose of reviewing it for my readers here at EntreResource.

I already had a link tracking service that I was reasonably happy with (Clikim) and had tested several others already. But, I had heard too many good things about Clickmagick to not at least give it a try.

Admittedly, I was ready to take a metaphorical red pen and slash all over it. It seemed overly complicated and the landing page didn't make it very clear what the software really did, just that it did a lot.

After just a day of using, I was in love. The more I used it, the more potential uses I found for it. I was seeing dozens of ways it could make or save me money. The crazy thing is that I know I am still barely scratching the surface with the potential uses of ClickMagick. 

In this article, I'm going to showcase the best features of Clickmagick, explain who can benefit the most from it and show how you can make the most out of it if you choose to buy it. I'll also share some Clickmagick alternatives and explain why I didn't give Clickmagick a perfect 5 star review.

Quick Note: I know that I'm in the minority of people who think that link tracking is extremely exciting. The topic might bore some of you to tears BUT I promise that if you master the practice of tracking your links and properly analyzing the insights services like Clickmagick provide, it will pay dividends for the rest of your marketing career. Learn the process now and reap the benefits forever.

Let's begin.

What Is Clickmagick: 10 Best Functions

ClickMagick is a web based software/app that allows users to do several things with any of the URLs that they share. According to their website, they have over "120 different features that help you make more money online."

Feature Overwhelm

Clickmagick is not for the faint of heart and I wouldn't blame you if you experience some paralysis by analysis. I know it might feel like drinking from a fire hose. To make it a bit easier on you, I want to highlight what I feel are the 10 most important features of Clickmagick. These are the features that the average internet marketer will want to utilize most often.

#1 Link cloaking

Whenever possible (and with Clickmagick, it's always possible) links should be "beautified" before you share them. Now, you don't need to jump out and buy Clickmagick if this is all you'll need it for (there are cheaper alternatives if you just want to create simple redirects) but this feature is great and will make your links look more professional and less spammy.

If you do any sort of marketing that requires users to type in your link in the search bar to find it (podcasts are the best example of this)  this feature is a life saver. 

You can change long, ugly URLs into shorter, easier to type ones like

Please note thoughyour site may need to use a CNAME which would append a prefix to your URL like this: Be careful and work with support when you link your custom domain, especially if it is a site with pre-existing content (like the blog was). 

#2 Track Sources of Traffic

Clickmagick allows you to create unique tracking ids that will help you know exactly where your clicks are coming from.

EXAMPLE: Let's say that on your blog you link to an affiliate product and you always use the same link. You put the link all over the site in various ways like a sidebar ad, a pop up,  within the text of your posts etc. It's actually a little over the top how you're using them and it looks a bit spammy and is hurting the reader's experience. Each month you get 1,000 clicks to that URL but you have no idea where they are coming from, just that they came from the multiple different CTAs on the site. If you create unique links that identify where you are posting the link, you can see which are actually getting clicks and conversions. You can create a link for "sidebar" and a link for "pop up" etc. Using this data, you can make changes that will maximize conversions but will also make your site look less spammy. This is just one of countless examples of how you could use sub IDs.

#3 Track Authenticity and Quality of Traffic

If you're buying any sort of paid traffic to blog posts, products etc., you want to make sure that it isn't fake. Bot traffic is notorious in the solo ad industry and ClickMagick will help you verify that your traffic is real. 

Clickmagick Traffic Quality

We can also see the IP addresses of the people who clicked on our links. 

Have you been paranoid that a competitor is clicking your ad links to get you to spend your daily budget more quickly? Well, you can see if the same IP is clicking your account AND the exact location that it is coming from. 

IP Address Click Fraud

Suspect your competitor from Idaho is doing it? Confirm your suspicions by running IPs that have a suspicious number of clicks into a free web tool like What Is My IP and you can get down as far as the zip code!

If you're running Google ads like me, you can easily add IP exclusions that will ensure your ads aren't showing up where your competitor or troll can see them.

#4 Track Conversion Values,  Conversion Rates and Profitability

With Clickmagick, you can assign values for conversions and costs for traffic to any link. This allows you to get real time metrics showing you whether you're making money or not!

#5 Create Split Tests

Clickmagick gives you the ability to use one link but to send users to different pages.

These pages are typically only slightly different and aim to track one change at a time (headline, button, etc.). 

Clickmagick Split Test

You can choose how to balance the traffic. You can send 50% of your clicks to one page and 50% to the other or any other combination and Clickmagick will automatically alert you when there is a winner. 

Finding out which page converts best will allow you to feel more confident spending cash to send traffic to it. 

#6 Track Pages That You Don't Own

When I started affiliate marketing several years ago, I vividly remember googling "how to track affiliate conversions." The answer was pretty much: you really can't. 

This sucked because how was I supposed to know if my efforts were actually profitable? If I spent $100 on ads and made affiliate sales, I didn't know if the sales were from the ads or from some sort of organic source of traffic. I was spending blindly and that wasn't a good feeling back when I had little to spend!

If only I knew about Clickmagick back then, I'd have made much more money and saved a lot of time and hassle.

If you've tracked conversions in the past you understand that it involves adding a pixel onto your pages so that the lead/purchase can be confirmed.

"If only I knew about Clickmagick back then, I'd have made much more money."

Well, what happens if you're sending traffic to someone else's website and you can't add your own pixel?

Clickmagick is the first software I have ever seen that has created a workaround for this.

They make it so you can send traffic to a 3rd party site and if the user takes the desired action, they will be very quickly redirected to a blank page that includes your pixel and then instantly to the next page without them evening noticing. 

Clickmagick affiliate tracking

#7 Create and Add Custom Tracking and Retargeting Pixel to Any Links

You can add tracking pixels from any 3rd party (Facebook, Google etc) and retarget anyone who clicks your link. 

Clickmagick Retargeting

The possibilities here are endless. You're no longer limited to people just who land on your blog or click on your paid ads. You can pixel clicks from emails, social media, forums and almost anywhere else you can think.

#8 Add Countdowns and Calls to Action to (Almost) Any Website (Retired Feature)

This is the most controversial feature of Clickmagick and as a content creator, I totally understand why some people hate what the feature can do. 

Here is a countdown timer that I added to to the website of one of a paid group I was an affiliate for. I had a special promo offer that was unique to me that had a deadline.

Clickmagick Magick Bar

That countdown is only visible to people who click my unique link. Even though I don't own the site, I am able to add my own content over top of it. Pretty cool right?

The reason this software is controversial is because anyone can add things to someone else's site and take advantage of their content. They could also make it look like the site owner endorses whatever is added to the site.

#9 "Link Down" Monitoring

No matter where you're sending traffic, your pages will go offline from time to time. If you have a link created in Clickmagick, you will get an alert telling you the moment this happens. 

Clickmagick Link Down Monitoring

To most people, this might go unnoticed or register a just a mild inconvenience but to someone who is spending serious cash on paid traffic, it can be catastrophic.

If you run a lot of paid traffic, this feature can easily pay for your membership, like it did for Ralph Jordan.

Ralph Jordan

ClickMagick User

The system sent me a warning that a link was down. I was funneling hundreds of dollars to a Teespring campaign but when I received an SMS alert right to my phone I was able to cut the traffic until Teespring got their site back up. I would've lost hundreds, but ClickMagick saved me."

#10 Import Export Data

The import feature allowed me to quickly upload all my links. This was a lifesaver because I had TONS of links I wanted to have in Clickmagick and I had them all saved in a spreadsheet.

The export feature allows you to export any data to share with your team or clients. This is much easier than sending screenshots or trusting others with your user name and password like you have to do with other tools. 

Who Should Use ClickMagick?

Anyone who has some sort of conversion goal online can benefit from ClickMagick.

 It's particularly useful for affiliate marketers and anyone who buys or sells traffic. 

Affiliate marketers can easily track the effectiveness of the campaigns that they run for their merchants. 

As I mentioned earlier, Clickmagick provide's several workaround ways for affiliates to measure profitability. Experienced affiliates understand understand how much of a game-changer this is.

"Clickmagick is particularly useful for affiliate marketers and anyone who buys or sells traffic."

Solo ad buyers and sellers swear by Clickmagick. If you aren't familiar with Solo ads, I've wrote an article about them and how I was scammed on my very first one.

If you use Clickmagick when buying solo ads, you can get a much better idea of whether or not your traffic is legitimate or bot traffic that isn't going to convert and could actually end up harming your business. You can avoid being scammed like I was.

Additional ClickMagick Benefits

Clickmagick isn't just feature rich, its a very well run software and company. 

ClickMagick clearly understands that their software can be confusing at first so they do a word class job of providing support and training for their users. 

ClickMagick Training

There are detailed help buttons on every page and their customer support is lightning fast. They promise to reply to all support questions within an hour and so far, that has been true for all the questions I've asked.  

Clickmagick Support

How to Get the Most Out of ClickMagick

Are you sold on Clickmagick like I am? If so, here is how you should approach your new marketing toy.

#1 Read the 1 Hour Tracking Guide.

Clickmagick went above and beyond to set their users up for success by creating a comprehensive start up guide to link tracking.

It is well worth the hour it takes to cover.

#2 Use It or Lose It!

Don't be shy about tracking everything you can think of.

Affiliate marketers and content creators will have a lot of different things that they want to track and optimize.

Don't sacrifice quality for quantity of course (make sure you set up whatever you do correctly) but there is no harm in having too much data as long as it doesn't give you "paralysis by analysis."

Clickmagick is a powerful tool that gets more powerful the more you use it. As Peter Drucker says, "what gets measured gets managed." Once you start using Clickmagick, you will quickly realize that you have a lot of links that you could and probably should start tracking. In my case, I realized I had dozens of affiliate links, sales funnel URLs, and paid traffic campaigns that needed configuring. 

I was so excited about the possibilities of tracking the data that it didn't bother me that it was going to take a tremendous amount of time to do all this 🙂  

#3 Watch the Helper Videos 

Every major feature inside Clickmagick comes with an in depth explainer video. These are an amazing free resource that will help you get up to speed much more quickly.

Clickmagick Training

#4 Don't Rush But Also Don't Worry about Perfection

I had HOURS of work to do when I started Clickmagick. I wanted to track everything as quickly as possible and immersed myself in the software. 

However, I knew that I needed to be patient and make sure I was doing things properly. I watched the videos and took serious advantage of the 1 hour customer support channel. 

Although I worked hard to do things right, I wasn't worried about things not being absolutely perfect. If I did, I wouldn't have gotten anything done. I'm ok with the fact that I will need to go back and fix/improve things over time. The practice of tracking links is never ending so don't feel like you'll ever be "done."

Clickmagick Pricing and Alternatives

Clickmagick has several different pricing tiers. You can get a discount between 28% and 32% if you purchase an annual plan.

I signed up for the standard plan and will be cutting it close

Clickmagick Pricing
Clickmagick Standard Pricing
Clickmagic Pricing

There are a number of Clickmagick alternatives but there are no options that I believe really stack up. 

Other Trackers

Link Cloaking
image description
image description
24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring
image description
image description
Automatic Bot Filtering
image description
image description
Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
image description
image description
Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)
image description
Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization
image description
Effortless Conversion Tracking (Of ANY Action Or Sale)
image description
A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alerts
image description
Multi-Mode Link Rotators
image description
Add 4 Types Of Pop Ups To ANY Link
image description
image description
Add Content & Notification Bars To ANY Link
image description
image description
Add A Countdown Timer To ANY Link Or Page
image description
image description
Add Retargeting Pixels To ANY Link
image description
image description
Dynamic Affiliate Links
image description
Advanced Postback URL Tracking
image description
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passing
image description
Facebook Sharing - Custom Title, Description & Image
image description
image description
True Real-Time Stats
image description
Google Analytics Compatible
image description
image description
Lightning-Fast Link Redirects
image description
Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Stats
image description
Public Stats Sharing
image description
image description
Import & Export Your Data & Stats
image description
New Features Monthly Based On User Feedback
image description
image description
Growing Tutorial & Training Video Library
image description
Fanatical US-Based Support Team
image description

Here are other link tracking services you can check out. 

Of course, I haven't been able to personally test each one of these. If you've had experience with any of them leave a comment and let me know how you think they compare to Clickmagick.

I left out less sophisticated link shorteners like and because they don't come close to being alternatives to Clickmagick.

Why Clickmagick Didn't Get 5 Stars

Clickmagick is amazing and worth the price but I couldn't give it a perfect 5 star score for one reason.

Some of the editing features are overly complicated and clunky.

I was a little disappointed in the ClickPop and ClickBar configuration. I was spoiled by the templates in Clikim and didn't like how much work and coding was required to create a pop up form in Clickmagick.

On the bright side, you can make things look pretty much anyway your heart desires BUT you almost need to be an experienced coder (or hire one) to do anything fancy.

Many users will end up creating ugly looking ClickPops and ClickBars.

This is an example of "more being less," in my opinion.

It would be great if they made templates that allowed novice users to get things done more quickly and easily at the expense of some customization.  

Clickmagick Click Pops

This is far from a deal breaker (like I said earlier, the clickpop feature is controversial and many marketers swear against using it) and I have a feeling that they will update this eventually to keep up with the competitors who do this part better. I've actually already emailed them about it 🙂 

Start a Free 30 Day Trial 

Clickmagick has given me an extended trial (the trial on their site is only 14 days). I could't get you a Clickmagick discount code but this is the best offer you will find anywhere online!