This post is not sponsored by and I do not receive any compensation for it. I am just a happy user who wants to showcase one of my new favorite editing toys!

I recently started a new YouTube channel for Evergreen Affiliate Marketing. Since this is far from my "main gig," and more of a hobby channel, I needed to be efficient with how much time I dedicated to it. 

Filming the content is easy for me. I have a laundry list of topics and can film most of them in one long shot. 

The editing however is a bit more difficult. So, I decided to give a software called a shot. It's purpose is to make it easier for creators like me to communicate with our editors. 

I'm able to upload videos and then make annotations to them on the timeline that callout things I want changed. 

Things like...

  • Zoom in here
  • Remove the blank space here
  • Add a funny gif here. 

I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. Here are 4 of the things I am loving most about it. 

Reason #1 Crazy Fast Import 

My big reservation with these 3rd party web hosted video collaboration softwares would be the lag time between uploading raw footage, editing it, exporting it again and THEN importing it to YouTube. 

It's not productive if it takes a huge amount of time to get work moving. 

Fortunately, that is absolutely not the case with! Transfer

It takes less than a minute for me to upload a video over 10 minutes when I use the desktop transfer tool 

Reason #2 Add Callouts Directly to Video

Frameio Callouts allows for much more than just text over the timelines. We can also add things like circles, arrows or other helpful callouts that make it more clear to the editor what is expected. 

Reason #3 Speed up replay up to 1.75x speed up

This is a MASSIVE timesaver. Much of the review I need to do to my videos is "mile high" type work. If I'm going to watch every second of the video and add annotations, it's often not much more difficult to just do the edits myself. This actually gives me some margins on my time!

Likewise, I can adjust the speed down to as low as .25x if there is a particular spot I need to draw attention too such as a password being shown for a split second that needs removed. 

Reason #4 Mobile Apps Are Magnificent Mobile

It's rare that a powerful web based software like matches the quality on their mobile apps but this is a rare exception. 

I'm using both the iOS mobile and iOS iPad apps to add my annotations to the timelines and it's been seamless. 

This makes growing my YouTube channel something I can literally do almost entirely from my mobile devices. 

If you want to check them out, head over to and see for yourself. Totally a great investment if you have a video editing team (of any size).