About Me

Hi, My name is Mark Dickenson and I’ve been a full time internet marketer since July 2009. I became interested in internet marketing back in 2006 when I was in the mortgage business.

I was making good money at the time but I wasn’t location independent. While I was 100% commission, I couldn’t just get up in the middle of a transaction and go to Costa Rica. That would be frowned upon.:)

I started buying course after course but not really taking any action. That is a common theme in this industry.

It wasn’t until late 2007 that I bought a course called Niche Marketing on Crack…and actually took action and made some money.

Now don’t go out and by that course. It doesn’t work anymore. But once you get a taste of making money while you are at happy hr, the golf course, the swimming pool, it becomes quite addicting.

It is my aim to share with you rock solid marketing courses as opposed to the flavor of the week. If I review or link to a a course on this site, it is a course a believe in…and not the hyped of launch of the week.

Enjoy your stay 🙂

-Mark Dickenson